Mihai Daniel Frumuselu’s Publications 


Ghid de conversatie român-suedez
Romanian-Swedish Phrasebook (Polirom Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 2001, ISBN 973-683-776-9); republished in 2002 (ISBN 973-681-191-3) and 2007 (ISBN 978-973-46-0621-4)
Välkommen! Manual de conversatie în limba suedeza
The first Swedish coursebook for Romanian speakers (Polirom Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 2002, ISBN 973-681-141-7)



2010 (forthcoming). An integrative approach on the linguistic and argumentative features of concession. In: Argumentation - An International Journal on Reasoning. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
2009. English words in the Romanian language today: from conscious to unconscious use. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Vol. 1 (50) - 2008 Series IV, 61-70. Brasov: Editura Universitatii din Brasov.
2009. Dor - a Romanian key word explained in terms of Natural Semantic Metalanguage. In: Chruszczewski, P. Jezyk a komunikacja. Wroclaw: University of Wroclaw.
2009. Pârvulescu vs. Ceausescu and all vs. Pârvulescu - argument and pseudo-argument in a unique event in a communist dictatorship. In: Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis. Milano: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
2009 A quasi-parliamentary debate in a communist dictatorship: dissenter Pârvulescu vs. dictator Ceausescu. A pragmatic and multimodal approach. Journal of Pragmatics 42(4): 924-942.
2009 (forthcoming). A multimodal approach to concession in the British Parliament debates. In: Baldry, Anthony & Montagna, Elena (eds.). Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Multimodality: Theory and practice. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Multimodality. Campobasso: Palladino.
2007. Linguistic and argumentative typologies of concession. An integrating approach. In: Proceedings of the ISSA 2006 International Conference on Argumentation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.



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